Prong 3 Year Warranty

Prongs are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and materials for a period of  3 years from the date of purchase. To make a claim return the tool together with your valid proof of purchase. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, overload or abuse. To help you with any such matter if possible please send a photo/s of your purchase to

The return address in the USA 7515 N Leadbetter Road Portland 97203

The return address in Australia 3 Bexley Court Toowoomba Queensland 4350

Method of delivery in the USA is done by FedEx. This may vary from time to time.  

Method of delivery Australia Australia Post 

Tracking numbers are provided with shipments. 



Prongs rely on the principles of leverage which means force can be multiplied significantly. You are advised to not overexert yourself when using the Prongs. Only use as a digging or leveraging tool. Use gloves and shoes when digging into the soil to protect hands and feet. Also, use other Safety apparel you feel you might need e.g. goggles etc. DO NOT STORE ABOVE HEAD HEIGHT



Prongs are made tough and durable but, like any tool, need some maintenance. Clean excess dirt off handles and rub over with light oils.


Directions for use

Place tine on the surface of the soil and use “heel” to place your foot, push/force Prong into the soil, then lever. If digging out roots, “nibble” around the root as far down as you can go. This softens the soil around the root and allows you to get a “feel” for where the best point of leverage will be. Once you are confident you have a hold then lever down slowly. The tine is shaped to act as a first lever and should provide upward leverage on the root. If more leverage is required then push down further until the heel engages the ground. Keep downward pressure on the handle. Dependent on the root or rock you are trying to move, repeat this process a few times. If soil is soft, place a brick or strong piece of wood under the heel when leveraging upward. This stops the heel from sinking into the soil and limiting leverage. Do not overexert effort on tine. Move around the object you wish to move. Prongs are tough but there is a limit.