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Lady Prongs ideal for Lady Gardeners of all ages

Lady Prong was inspired by my dear friend Edna, one of the nicest people who put feet in a pair of shoes. She loves her garden and in the hard soils of Western Queensland (where droughts are commonplace) gardening is tough on everyone. However, ladies are simply not as strong as men. I have found this makes them frustrated when confronted with tasks that are simply beyond their physical capabilities. (Please no offence intended - just a fact). The Lady Prong is shorter, lighter and is designed for lighter types of work. Mind you it is still a powerful tool and in the right setting will outperform any other similar digging tool. They give tremendous empowerment to those, male or female, who just want a digging tool that maximises their strength. The ladies who have them simply love them. Available in white - known as the General Prong 



  • Weight 2.9Kgs - 6.4lBS 

  • Length 866mm - 34.1in.  

  • D Handle

  • V Tine & Heel

  • Colour Pink 


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